tree felling


Lawn mowing, strimming, leaf collecting, weeding, planting, mulching, pruning, jet washing patios


There is always so much to do in the garden to keep it looking good be it mowing the lawn, leaf collecting, mulching the beds, weeding or pruning to name but a few jobs.

Ground preparation

With good soil preparation your plants will establish more quickly and become stronger specimens. The sooner they establish the sooner you can propagate them to develop your own plants for free.

Garden designer

Mandy Beck is an excellent and well qualified garden designer who we have used on a number of projects. Mandy has a vast knowledge of plants and does planting plans or complete landscaping designs.

Kitchen garden

There is nothing so satisfying as producing your own vegetables & it is a lot easier than you may think. We can help you develop your plot & soon you will be reaping the rewards. Peas fresh from the pod are nothing like those from the supermarket - no comparison, so sweet. You'll end up just eating them straight off the plant.

Crop Rotation

We can help you with crop rotation and companion planting that will help reduce the number of soil/airborne pests & be as organic as possible. Although with some pests like asparagus beetle you just have to get out there and pick them off every day but it is better than the alternative of using pesticides.


We can help you train your step-over's or fan/espalier fruit trees. We can also help you establish a fruit cage with say black currants, gooseberries and raspberries.

Your garden

You probably already have established beds that just need maintaining & occasional refreshing as plants get too big and require splitting or moving about to make room for your latest garden centre purchase but whatever your garden aspirations, large or small, we can help.

Bees & Honey

We keep a small apiary to help all the surrounding fruit trees/blossom & supply us with honey. Supermarket honey tends to have been ultra filtered taking out all pollen particles & sometimes heated up quite a lot. Doing this helps the honey maintain its clear look that consumers are attracted to. Unfortunately removing the pollen &/or heating the product means it looses most of its goodness. Eating local honey is thought to lessen the sensitivity to hay fever because it can contain the pollen particles that you are suffering from. Should you be interested, we sell the honey in standard 1lb jars.

rear garden

rear garden

veg patch