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Hedge cutting

There are many types of hedges but to be kept at their best most need regular pruning once or twice a year & most crucially, at the right time !

Keeping hedges in trim

Hedge cutting takes time & specialist tools. We can cut your hedges and take away the cuttings.

Yew - Taxus Baccata

Yew is very slow growing but makes a lovely textured green hedge & is one of the most forgiving hedges you can plant in that it can even re-grow from years old wood. You can trim Yew at most times during the year but possibly gently clipping in April, July and October for the first 2 years and after that whenever you feel it needs it. Most people cut their Yew hedges once a year in September. One golden tip though, is never cut off the top growing tips until the hedge has reached just above its full height or its upwards growth will grind to a very slow pace.

Laurel - Prunus Laurocerasus Rotundifloria

Laurel is a fast/strong growing plant and mature specimens can take hard pruning back to old wood if needs be in spring. You can prune Laurel in Spring and/or Summer to keep it looking at its best. Some people prefer to cut their laurel hedges in Spring before the main growth gets underway as they don't like seeing lots of large cut leaves.

Box - Buxus Sempiviren

Box is particular to when it is pruned. Generally it is done on Derby day around 1st week of June once soft green growth has turned slightly leathery. Never trim in hot sunlight. Following this procedure helps prevent box blight when the leaves develop brown spots.

Beech - Fagus Sylvatica

Cut Beech hedges in late summer/autumn

Hornbeam - Carpinus Betulus

Like Beech you usually trim them in late summer/autumn. Hornbeam hedges can tolerate more exposed sites & poorer soil than Beech.

Red Robin - Photinia x Fraseri

Clip in spring and summer to keep their shape or leave to grow informal and trim down in height/width when you want. If subject to leaf drop prune back but NOT into leafless wood & apply slow release fertilizer in spring.

Leylandii - Cupressocypanis

This one grows like a triffid & will require regular trimming of the mid green spray like scented foliage in mid summer & autumn. Leylandii will not re-grow from old wood hence they must be maintained carefully.

Privett - Ligustrum Ovalifolium

Once established Privett is known to be pretty bullet proof being very hardy. If needs be you can cut right back & it should re-grow. It is best to trim several times during summer.